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Successful handling of two international estates

Rubin International Law Firm & Notary received two international estates files between Israel and Europe, in which the heirs – all foreign residents – agreed on the division of estates in Israel

The International Law Firm applied for inheritance orders on behalf of the father and mother of this family after all the heirs signed the appropriate documents. At the request of the heirs, the International Law Firm and Notary Rubin provided its services at the home of the heirs and accompanied them personally in all the steps with the authorities.

Once the inheritance orders were obtained, the International Law Firm provided the necessary services to distribute the inheritance funds and update the legal registers on behalf of the heirs.

Working with the banks was very difficult, and it was necessary to make several appointments and many correspondences. Estate money was distributed to the heirs

The registration of inheritance orders at the land registry also included updating of the legal registers. Through its professionalism and its excellent contacts, the International Law Firm Rubin convinced the land registry of the conformity of the file and the property of the estates was registered in the name of the heirs

The International Law Firm informed the clients throughout the process and gave them all the explanations.

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