Real Estate Tax Law

When buying an apartment, the acquisition tax is alleged for new immigrants. For a purchase by a foreign resident in Israel – who has not yet made his aliyah, there are certain reliefs provided that the foriegn resident does not own another apartment in another country

There are also tax breaks for people with disabilities or when the buyer agrees to sell  his previous apartment within a certain time after the purchase of the secnd apartment

It is important to keep all invoices related to the acquisition. If it is true that the resale of a single apartment is exempt from the tax on the real estate appreciation under certain conditions. In other cases, certain expenses related to the property may be deducted from the tax on the capital gain

Due to the cancellation of the exemption on the sale of an apartment every 4 years, the tax authorities have instituted a favorable method of calculating the tax on real estate capital gain for apartments purchased before 2014

In 2017, the tax authorities established a new tax for owners of 3 or more apartments. However, it is possible in certain cases to benefit from a total or partial exemption from this tax and other tax benefits: refund of the tax on real estate capital  gain up to a certain ceiling, tax exemption of income on the proceeds of the sale and other

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